Monday, April 4, 2011

No “April Fools” Weekend… Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant, Wicked Cellars with Napeequa Vintners, Haggen Food & Pharmacy Tastings and Luca's Pizzeria Ristorante

Smoked Salmon Caser - Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant 
Happy Hour at Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant “The best happy hour – EVER”

Wicked Celars Everett
Wicked Cellars Napeequa Vintners Tasting with David Morris

Wicked Cellars Napeequa Vintners Tasting with David Morris
The idea of a winery, which was to become Napeequa Vintners, formed in 2003 between then partners Dave Morris, Mike Mann and Ann Hathaway. In May of that year, Dave met with Charles Smasne and Ray Sandidge, then of Kestrel Vintners in Prosser, WA. Charles was acting vineyard manager and Ray was head winemaker. On that meeting at Kestrel Vintners, Dave was shown the winery, vineyards and was afforded the opportunity to taste through some selected barrel lots. That meeting forged an inspiration that would become the basis of Napeequa Vintners.

The following October, Dave, Mike and Ann bought a half-ton of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese from Kestrel and Charles' own vineyard, to make a barrel each of the varietals. It was a stunning amateur effort.

In April of 2004, Napeequa Vintners became a bonded and licensed winery.

2009 Viognier ‘Randonée’**** floral, peach, minerals

2007 Trailhead 'Merritt Lake'*** dark fruit, plums, chocolate

2007 Sexy Little Red**+ raspberry, cherries, coffee

2007 Malbec*** blackberry jam, dark chocolate

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon*** dark cherries, light tannins

2008 Late Harvest***+ honey, melon

Haggen Food and Pharmacy Lake Stevens wine and beer tasting with Scuttlebutt Brewery
Haggen Food & Pharmacy in Lake Stevens now offers wine and beer tastings. Saturday’s Tasting was hosted by Phil and Scuttle (Cynthia) of Everett’s own Scuttlebutt Brewery. The next tasting will be on April the 16th, starting at noon!

Luca's Pizzeria Ristorante “Best Pour” Peroni
Luca's Pizzeria Ristorante “Best Pour” Peroni


What do you think? We were sitting at Hawkeyes Bar and Grill, Lake Stevens. Half way through our food and drink the server dropped off our check???


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