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More “Taste of Washington Wine” Milbrandt Vineyards ‘wine and food pairing’ at Lombardi’s, Wine Tasting at Wicked Cellars, Music at Sojen Cellars, More Wine Tasting at Lantz Cellars and Balefire Bar

Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant Everett
Milbrandt Vineyards ‘wine and food pairing’ with Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant.

Milbrandt Vineyards Tasting Room in Prosser
Milbrandt Vineyards Tasting Room in Prosser
Milbrandt Vineyards Wine in Las Vegas
About Milbrandt Vineyards:

“Farming is in our blood. Our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all made their living working the land. Eastern Washington is in our blood. We came here as young children and have always called it home. When we planted our first vines in 1997 we were entering uncharted territory. Today, we farm 12 distinct estate vineyard sites totaling nearly 2000 acres. Our grapes are purchased by some of the most prestigious wineries in the state. Our own winery, launched in 2005, produces highly-individualistic wines from our estate and neighboring vineyards.” Milbrandt Vineyards Website

Wine and Food Pairing Event

Grilled Prawns - Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant
Grilled Prawns***+ on top of Chardonnay crab cake with mini greens herb pesto. The star of this dish was the crab cake.

2008 Chardonnay Evergreen Vineyard**+ pears, citrus, caramel, good acids

Beet Gratin - Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant
Beet Gratin**+ goat cheese besciamella, liked the goat cheese, paired will with the merlot.

2006 Estate Merlot*** boysenberries, chocolate, smoke, good acid

Seared Lamb Medallions - Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant
Seared Lamb Medallions***+ stuffed with Gorgonzole Dolce, Demi-glace. Cooked to perfection

2007 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon*** cassis, black cherries, soft tannins
Lolla Rossa Red Salad - Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant
Lolla Rossa Red Salad*** Beecher’s Smoked Flagship Cheese. The smokiness of the cheese went will with the bite of the lettuce

2007 Estate Syrah***+ light pepper, blackberries, velvety

Plum and Fig Tart - Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant
Plum and Fig Tart***+ with almond brittle, this was over the top

2007 Estate Late Harvest Riesling***+ apricots, honey, apple, balance acidity
May Palmer at Lombardi's
While at Lombardi’s we found out that May Palmer The Queen of Ivory Soul’ will be back to perform April 21st. You must check her out…

We also just found out the May Palmer will make her debut at the Creekside Alehouse & Grill in Lake Stevens this coming Saturday, March 26th!! If you don’t remember May Palmer check her out on this video…

“Drift Away” May Palmer plays Sojen Cellars

Wicked Cellars Everett
“Taste of Washington Wine” at Wicked Cellars with William Church Winery’s Rob Balsley and Covington Cellar’s Morgan Lee

William Church Winery’s Rob Balsley at Wicked Cellars
William Church Winery is a family-owned boutique winery located among the cluster of wineries at the northern end of Woodinville affectionately called the Woodinville Warehouse District. Founded by Leslie and Rod Balsley in 2005, William Church is named in honor of their fathers, by including their first and middle names.

Leslie and Rod are aided at William Church by assistant winemaker, Marcus Rafanelli, a graduate of the Walla Walla Community College Enology and Viticulture Program. Together they believe that by keeping production small, using the best winemaking practices and adding artisan quality and attention they can make wines that are both delicious and uniquely able to express their full varietal potential and terroir.” - William Church Winery Web Site

2009 Chardonnay** grapefruit, sour hard candy

2008 Bishop's Blend*** blackberry, black pepper, spices

2007 Yakima Valley Syrah*** blackberries, smoke, Cocoa, spices

2007 Sur La Mer Bordeaux Blend**** elegant, black and red fruit flavors, great mouthfeel

2008 Malbec***+ black fruit, blueberries, vanilla

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon*** black currants, black fruit, cloves, structured tannins

2008 Two Spirals***+ blackberries, black pepper Slate

Covington Cellar’s Morgan Lee at Wicked Cellars
Covington Cellars was “founded in 2002 by David and Cindy Lawson, Covington Cellars is located in Woodinville. Making small quantities of wine from the highest quality fruit is only half of their goal at Covington Cellars; the other is to make their guests feel like family.

Winemaker Morgan Lee shares David and Cindy's passion for wine and came to Covington Cellars in May of 2007 after completing an internship in Enology at Columbia Crest Winery.” - Covington Cellars Web Site

2009 Viognier***+ ripe pears, honey

2007 Rough House Red***+ great bouquet, Cedar, ripe plums, spices

2007 Sangiovese**+ ripe, spicy cherries

2007 Cabernet Franc***+ currents, black pepper, toffee, spices

2007 "Starr" Syrah*** black currants, spices

2006 Bruno red**** dark fruit, chocolate, light cream, balanced

Sojen Cellars Everett
Leah Stillwell Jazz Trio performing at Sojen Cellars
Music at Sojen Cellars featuring Leah Stillwell Jazz Trio. As always Sojen Cellars is a great place to hear live music…

The Movie - Leah Stillwell Jazz Trio performing at Sojen Cellars
Wine tasting at Lantz cellars, Lake Stevens
Wine tasting at Lantz Cellars, Lake Stevens.

Wine tasting at Lantz cellars, Lake Stevens
Wine tasting at Lantz cellars, Lake Stevens
Founded in 2003, Lantz Cellars is open boutique winery located just outside the Snohomish city limits producing 450 cases of various wines each year. Owned and operated by Kevin Lantz, who focuses on using traditional handcrafted methods. As little intervention as possible is used to create wines with complexity and depth, but with a well balance soft feminine quality.
Wine tasting at Lantz cellars, Lake Stevens
2009 Sauvignon Blanc*** peach, melons

2008 Malbec*** Cocoa, hard candy

2007 Syrah*** red fruit, jam

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon*** nice tannins, herbs

2007 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon***+ coco, herbs, balance

Balefire Bar, Everett
Haystack Needle Winery wine tasting at Balefire Bar, Everett

Bob Bullock of Haystack Needle, assembling, inexpensive bottles of wine from other wineries’ surplus.

NV Harvest White**+:-) pear, apples

2006 Syrah***:-) currants, spice, smoke

2009 Sangiovese**+:-) cranberries, anise, bay leaf

2007 The Eye***:-) red fruit, plums, blueberry
Tzatziki Dip - Balefire Bar, Everett
Tzatziki Dip*** creamy Greek yogurt dip with cucumber & garlic. Served with pita wedges, yummy.

Until Next Week…

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