Monday, March 19, 2012

Furion Cellars at Wicked Cellars

Wicked Cellars Everett Washington – A full House
Furion Cellars at Wicked Cellars

Furion Cellars is a small boutique winery located in Snohomish Washington. They are dedicated to producing rich opulent wines, their love is the Rhone- styled wines of France, but with a new world influence.

2008 Vinea Cruor Sangiovese**** Big dark plum, black fruit, vanilla, spice

2009 Vato Rhone Blend*** ripe fruit, red cherries

2008 Les Collines Syrah***+ berries, floral, spice

2007 Wicces Basium***+ earth, cocoa, toast, berries

Around Town:

We stopped by to have sushi and found Daruma Japanese Restaurant close. It looks like Blue Mango Bistro will be opening in its place… We will miss the sushi.

Daruma Japanese Restaurant Everett Washington– Closed

Blue Mango Bistro Everett Washington – Asian Fusion Cuisine

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  1. Furion is always a hit at Wicked. They should do it more often. Never quite as good as a couple years ago when Micole was blending wines at the tasting bar but there will never be another Woodstock either!
    Appreciate your judgement on Vinea Cruor. It is one of the secrets of Snohomish county. Too bad about Daruma. Maybe there is a landlord downtown that will offer them a home? (God knows there are a few places available!)