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Le Gourmet Depot wine tasting event, a bite at The Repp and wine tasting at Wicked Cellars

Le Gourmet Depot of Snohomish
Le Gourmet Depot of Snohomish and the Boeing Management Association hosted a wine tasting event featuring wine makers from Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Club ( who have turned pro.
Le Gourmet Depot of Snohomish – Tom Hamilton
Le Gourmet Depot - Snohomish
Le Gourmet Depot of Snohomish and the Boeing Management Association hosted a wine tasting event
Le Gourmet Depot is located at Patrick Plaza in the heart of historic downtown Snohomish, across the street from the historic Carnegie Library. Le Gourmet Depot is your one-stop destination for foodies and folks who have a passion for the great things in life, including gourmet and specialty foods like imported and local cheeses and salami, artisan breads, and, of course, a wide assortment of local and imported wines. The centerpiece of this dynamic space is their demonstration kitchen where cooking and wine pairing classes are held.” - web
Le Gourmet Depot of Snohomish and the Boeing Management Association hosted a wine tasting event

Le Gourmet Depot of Snohomish and the Boeing Management Association hosted a wine tasting event

Michaelo Florentino Cellars

Established in 2007 they created are first blend working with an eastern WA winery, and had a distributors license for selling. One of the first wines, was created for a private label, released for a wine shop. They then worked with a Woodinville winery in 2009, and finally had a brick and mortar winery in early 2010.

“Michael Florentino Cellars specializes in unique grape variatals from around the world. (e.g. Tempranilla , Sangiovese, primativo, Couniose, etc) Come and experience these unique wines grown in the perfect climate of Washington state. These wines are vibrant, lush wines that have medium oak and focus on the fruit.” - Michaelo Florentino Cellars website

2007 Sangiovese**+ strawberry, light spice

2008 Miscolato**+ spice

2008 Temprarillo*** black fruit, Vanilla

Willis Hall Wines

“The name Willis Hall was drawn from the names of two members of John Bell's family and was chosen to honor two special individuals who were significant in John's life. WILLIS was John's father's middle name, and HALL was John's maternal grandmother's maiden surname. Even today, long after their passings, John feels a continued connection with them and the love they shared while in this life. By crafting his wines with passion, John feels that each bottle of Willis Hall wine has been touched with this special feeling, a connection that he wishes to share.

John Bell is the winemaker and sole owner of WILLIS HALL, LLC. In the early 1980s, John developed an interest in wine appreciation. Pursuing all avenues to learn about wines for over 15 years, John determined that further learning could come about only by his actually making wine. Because he was an employee of The Boeing Company, John availed himself of the opportunity to join the Boeing Employees' Wine and Beermakers' Club, a.k.a. the Boeing Wine Club, giving him access to the accumulated experience of fellow members, some of whom had started commercial wineries, as well as access to some of the most highly regarded vineyards in Washington State.

John's palate, which had been developed from his earlier wine education, enabled him to fashion wines that were awarded Best-of-Class, Gold, and Best-of-Show awards. The next logical step for John was to start Willis Hall, so that his wines could be made available for general purchase, consumption, and enjoyment. Vintage 2003 was the inaugural vintage for WiIllis Hall. In 2004 John retired from Boeing and is now making wine full time at Willis Hall. And in April 2006 in their inaugural Washington Wine Awards, Seattle Magazine honored John by naming him Best New Winemaker in Washington.” – Willis Hall’s website

2004 Merlot**+ raspberries, cherries

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon**+ ripe cherries, earth

2005 Syrah**+ red berries, pepper
Le Gourmet Depot of Snohomish and the Boeing Management Association hosted a wine tasting event
ALIA Wines

ALIA Wines is a small family owned winery located in Snohomish County about 3 miles from the Evergreen Fairgrounds. "ALIA", which is Latin for "by another way", signifies our belief in that both old world and new age winemaking techniques and blends make the best wines.

They started making wine as amateurs in 1994 and soon the passion for their "hobby" became the drive that they took forward to commercial winemaking which began in 2005.” - ALIA Wines website

2007 Merlot*** dark cherries, white pepper

2008 Pinot Noir**+ pine, some leather

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon*** black cherry, currant, smoky

Pleasant Hills Cellars

Meet the Winemaker, Larry Lindvig

Larry Lindvig raised in Poulsbo, has for 39 years worked as a supervisor at Boeing in Everett, WA. A long time member of Boeing Wine Club, Larry decided together with his wife Birgit, that upon early retirement he would open his own winery.

Presently Pleasant Hill Cellars produces 1500 cases a year. The uniqueness shows in the many varietals and unusual blends produced there. Close attention to the use of specific yeasts for each sort of grapes is the trademark of the winemaker Larry Lindvig. Given the size, everything is truly hand done, the bottling, corking and the labeling, giving each bottle the utmost care and attention.” - Pleasant Hills Cellars website

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon***+ oak, vanilla, tobacco

2007 Donatella***+ cedar, coco

2008 M-3***+ dark fruit, oak, light

Cedar Ridge Cellars
Le Gourmet Depot of Snohomish and the Boeing Management Association hosted a wine tasting event
“After 5 years of individual effort, Cedar Ridge Winery was born in 1994 as a trio of amateur winemakers in the Boeing Wine Club. In 2004, the winery grew into a one-man operation in the heart of Snohomish County, WA. "small winery - large basement"” - Cedar Ridge Winery facebook

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon**+ warm, smooth

2006 Merlot*** fruit, floral

Major Creek Winery

Major Creek Cellars is a new winery in the Columbia River Gorge American Viticultural Area, or AVA. Our focus is on red wines and rose' wines of Washington and Oregon.

We have searched out the best vineyards after evaluating the flavors, the terrior, the management style and the commitment to producing the finest grapes. Our goal is to find those growers who match our goal of producing the best wine considering grape quality, location, climate, and patience, patience, patience. A commitment to studying, experimenting, learning and ensuring the result is about the fruit comes first.” - Major Creek Winery website

2007 Pinot Noir**+ earth, cherries

2009 Syrah**+ blackberries, coco

2008 Horse Heaven Cabernet Franc*** dark fruit, pepper

Aspenwood Cellars

Aspenwood Cellars is a privately owned and operated winery located in Woodinville's Wine Country. Owner Jim Petty carried his passion for tasting wine over into production, first privately and now commercially.

Aspenwood Cellars believes that great wine is the result of the partnership of the vineyard owner and winemaker and are pleased to do business with the best vineyards in Washington State. They feel that the true partnership of vineyard owner and winemaker is expressed in their trademark, "Where great grapes become fine wines".

2008 Proprietor's Merlot**+ red fruit, soft

2008 Proprietor's Cabernet Sauvignon*** slight spices, licorice, smooth tannins

Queen Anne Winery

Queen Anne Winery started as an antidote for the rising price of Piedmont and California wines. Twenty years ago I realized I was living in an area with great grape growing potential, why not take advantage of this and start making my own wine? My father and I had been making small batches as in 20 gallons a year in carboys. However, to acquire the quality of grape I was looking for from vineyard farmer’s such as Paul Champoux and Paul Portteus I had to buy at minimum 1,000 pounds, in order to store this I needed to buy a barrel. And so, 17 years later I have just released my 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The 2005 wines are ready to be released as well and I have added a Sangiovese.

Currently, I have 30 barrels, still a very small winery, but this allows me to tend to each variety therefore creating a very specialized wine. All this happens from our home on top of Queen Anne hill in Seattle Washington.

Making wine has been a learning and humbling experience, but to be creating and drinking a quality and outstanding wine that has been made by my own hand has been incredible.” - Queen Anne Winery website

2008 Sangiovese**+ spice, black currant

2007 Syrah*** red fruit, citrus

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon*** dry fruit, coco

Sojen Cellars

“Formerly Griffins Crossing Winery in Lake Stevens, we were served with cease and desist papers by a very large Oregon winery who had trademarked the word "Griffin" in a wine name, so we decided to re-located the winery and tasting room to Everett, Wa. in Jan.2010 and re-name it so we wouldn't get sued. The winery is owned and operated by Max and Jennifer Jensen, the name SoJen is a nickname created when Max and Jen first met online via AOL Pen Pals. Max kept saying "So Jen" what are doing ? The name stuck and Jen created an anima character called Sojen Girl. Come by and check out our unique tasting room setting in an old brick building near downtown Everett on Hewitt Ave. We have free live music every Fri/Sat night from 7-9pm” - web

2010 Grenache Rose**+ fresh, melon, light flowers, huckleberries

2009 Syrah*** red fruit, coco, hint of vanilla

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Blend**+ cherries, ripe fruit

Soos Creek Wine Cellars

“We established our winery in 1989 on the belief that the vineyards of Eastern Washington were capable of producing world-class vinifera wine grapes. The recent accolades for Washington state wines certainly confirms the extraordinary terroir of our vineyards.

By starting our winery at a relatively early time in the Washington wine industry, we were able to source our grapes from a few of the best and oldest vineyards in the state.

We believe that blending wines made from different grape varieties and sourcing grapes from different vineyard locations will generally make a more balanced wine with better flavor complexity. However, in years when the wines of a specific vineyard are especially outstanding, we may also produce vineyard-designated wines. We believe that exceptional wines should age well. Therefore, most of our wines are built around a tannic backbone that has proven to give them a long life.” - Soos Creek Wine Cellars website

2008 Sundance*** dark fruit, anise, red fruit

2008 Palisade**+ dark fruit, currant, light pepper

2008 Artist Series #8*** black fruit, smoke, earth

The Repp - Snohomish
The Repp - Snohomish
The Repp - Snohomish

The Repp - Snohomish
The Repp - Snohomish
The Repp is our favorite restaurant in Snohomish, with an fun atmosphere to share an appetizer and sip wine. Especially on Sunday when they have half price bottles of selected wines.
The Repp – Snohomish - Three Cheese Dip
Three Cheese Dip***+ baked fontina, pecorino, and cream cheese with white wine and roasted garlic served with crostini
The Repp – Snohomish - Duck Confit Flatbread

The Repp – Snohomish - Duck Confit Flatbread
Duck Confit flatbread*** duck, goat cheese, roasted peppers, onions, red pepper flakes

Wicked Cellars Everett
Wicked Cellars Wine Tasting with Tim Sorenson, owner-winemaker of Fall Line Winery
Wicked Cellars Wine Tasting with Tim Sorenson, owner-winemaker of Fall Line Winery
Tim Sorenson, owner-winemaker of Fall Line Winery of Georgetown discussing his newest fabulous wines, including three wines not yet released but available for tasting.

Since 2003 Fall Line Winery has been an artisan producer of elegantly styled wines, crafted with fruit from some of the most prized vineyard sites in Washington State. Located in the eclectic Georgetown neighborhood, south of downtown Seattle, Fall Line Winery is owned and operated by winemaker Tim Sorenson and his wife, Nancy Rivenburgh, a professor of communications. Having been professionally involved with wine for many years, Tim is recently retired from his 'day job' as an economics professor.

2008 Exhibition Red Blend*** spice, plums, spice

2007 Artz Vineyard, Red Mountain Red Blend***+ sage, black currants

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Yakima Valley*** apices, black berries

2008 Boushey Vineyard Red Blend***+ herbs, cassis, black cherry

2008 Red Willow Vineyard Red Blend***+ cedar, spice, balsamic

2008 Artz Vineyard Red Blend***+ mineal, incense, black currants

Around the Area:
Everett Marina – Sunday Farmers Market

Everett Marina – Sunday Farmers Market

Everett Marina – Sunday Farmers Market

Everett Marina – Sunday Farmers Market

Everett Marina – Sunday Farmers Market

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  1. Nice overview of the 'Boeing' wineries, several of which I have not yet tried. And I appreciate the review of Fall Line. We are going to take some Artz vineyard with us as a gift when we visit Oslo in a couple of weeks.