Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010 Trip to Prosser – Washington State Wine Country

This was a quick trip to Prosser. We had wine to pick up and a few wineries we have not visited yet this year, so off we went…

We arrived later in the afternoon on Saturday the 23rd. Only enough time to pickup our Olsen Estates 2008 Estate Grenache**** we ordered back in June and to taste their line up. It was great to see our Olsen friends. We also had time to visit Alexandria Nicole. Thanks Theron for the tasting...

Sunday the 24th was all about wine tasting

Chinook Wines
Prosser Washington
This was our first visit to this winery. Their tasting room is the old farm house on their property.

2007 Semillion**+ fruity, balance

2008 Cabernet Franc Rose’***:-) ripe fruit

NV Red Wine Blend XII** dried cherries

2008 Cabernet Franc** soft, licorices

The Hogue Cellars
Prosser Washington
I’m always surprise when we taste here, in a good way…

2009 Terroir B II White Wine*** light, apricots

2009 Terroir Sangiovese Rosato*** strawberry

2005 Terroir Lemberger** nice nose, burnt earth

2006 Reserve Merlot** dark fruit, cocoa

2007 Terroir Syrah**+ dark cherry

2009 Terroir Muscat Canelli***+ peach

Desert Wine Winery
Prosser Washington

2008 Sangiovese**+ raspberry, light spice

2008 Tempranillo**+ fruit, earth

2008 Duck Pond Pinot Noir**+ strawberry, slight jam

2008 Ruah*** cherries, cloves

Prosser Washington

2006 Sangiovese***+ light peppery

2008 Malbec**** plum, spices

2006 Reserve Merlot*** lush soft tannins

2002 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon*** fruit, sweet tobacco, soft tannins

2006 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon*** red current, cocoa

2006 Reserve Syrah**** herbal, smoky, fruit, soft tannins

Wine O’Clock Wine Bar
Prosser Washington
This is almost a ‘have to’ stop for lunch. They also offer wine tasting of River Aeria and Bunnell Family Cellars.

Fall Vegetables Puréed Soup**** wonderful soup for the fall

2006 Boushey-McPherson Vineyard Syrah**** blackberry, plum, spice

Plaza Winery
Prosser Washington

2007 Merlot*** plums, currants, spice, chocolate

2007 Royalty Red*** dark fruit

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon**+ berry, nutty

2007 Jove*** fruit, ripe plums

Tasawik Vineyards
Prosser Washington

2008 Estate Viognier**+ stone fruit

We ended the day with a fine dinner at Tuscany Rustic Italian Bistro**** always good to see Susanne. Always a wonderful experience, so when in Prosser always eat at Tuscany

Bruschetta*** mozzarella, roma tomatoes and kalamata olives tossed with fresh basil and olive oil served over baguette bread.

Salmon Fettuccini***+ with Alfredo sauce

Prime Sirloin Steak**** with Bruleed Gorgonzola Cheese, Rosemary Balsamic Reduction with Shitake mushrooms, frenched green beans and red potatoes. It was yummy…

NV APEX Sparkling Red Wine**+ this is a fun sparkly

This was a fun few days in Prosser. This will probably be the last visit until the spring, a sad thought.

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  1. I love your incentives to keep me looking ahead to retirement, some years down the road!