Monday, August 9, 2010

August Trip to Eastern Washington

Our plan for this trip is to travel to Mosses Lake, Washington and stay at Mardon Resort located on Potholes Reservoir. Then travel to Leavenworth, Washington (like we have never been there before) to meet up with members of our family.

MarDon Resort*** Potholes Reservoir
Othello, Washington

Mardon Resort has been located on the shores of Potholes Reservoir since the 50’s. The Meseberg family has been the owners for over 30 years. We have been enjoying Mardon with our family since 1982. We stayed in the old hotel, which have been used by fishermen and hunters for years. When I say rustic, I mean rustic… Still our stay was relaxing and enjoyable.

“MarDon Resort, on the sunny shores of Potholes Reservoir, is your recreational destination that provides an RV Park, Motel, Luxury Park Cottages, Tent Sites, Marina, Tackle and Gift Shop and a Bar and Grill - all in a rural setting. The lake is famous for trophy bass, walleye and rainbow trout as well as providing a perfect destination for water enthusiasts.” -

The Beach Bar & Grill**
Othello, Washington

This is the third time we have eaten here since the changed owners. The first time they had a very limited start-up menu, so they could be forgiven. This time was once again like eating a over price TV diner… I will say the person who waited on us was very friendly and gave wonderful services. We also have had only one item off the menu, unfortunately we will like not eat there again.

Chicken Fried Steak* the mash potatoes and country gravy were like badly made instant, and the gravy was over sage for my taste. The steak was like it came from an inexpensive TV diner.

So why not just stay in our room and grill our own?

After spending four days ‘in the sun’, we were off to Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth Washington
This is the second report from South

Carnitas Taco*** the original “happy hour” taco anytime, chunks of pork, caramelized on the outside, tender on the inside. Very taste

Tomatillo Chicken Taco*** all-natural chicken simmered in roasted tangy tomatillo sauce

Vegetarian Taco*** Sautéed seasoned vegetables

King Ludwig’s Restaurant****
Leavenworth, Washington

Schweinshax’n**** with had it served with Spätzle and Rotkraut (Red Cabbage). I believe King Ludwig’s has the best and most authentic hax’n in Leavenworth. Crispy were it needs to be, and with the meat cooked perfectly.

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